Sewing Machines Manufacturer

Washing Division

Being a fairly new technology, the washing division is responsible for modifying the outlook, comfortability and design of the solidly-dyed garments and solid-printed fabrics. The factory has high-tech machines that do the washing works, contributing in the preparation of products in high demand. BEXIMCO’s washing division is undeniably one of the best ones in the country.

Washing Category under divisions

Foam Washing

liquor ratio for water saving and uniform application of chemicals


13 laser heads which consist of table & mannequin models will replace PP spray and manual operations with higher accuracy


Waterless de-sizing, fading and cleaning

Liquor Ratio E-FLOW

For water saving and effective chemical saving with nano-bubble application

Foam Wet processing Zone

Rainforest Technology With minimal water and energy consumption

Dryers Auto-loading system

Auto Dosing System

Eliminate human errors and maintain accuracy of ingredients throughout the process with this automated system

Eliar Telescope system

This system itself will provide online real-time all process information to our buyers